Synergy Physical Therapy

Why Synergy?

Our Passion

Our Passion. Your Results.

This is not just a slogan. This is what we believe and how we work.

We want you to be functioning at your highest level possible. We want you to be pain free. We want you to be an advocate for your own health and participate fully in the healing process.

At Synergy Physical Therapy, we do not want the most patients. We want patients who want results. We want patients who are invested in improving their physical ability.

For these patients we bring the most advanced treatments, whole-person hands-on assessments and our passion for improving our patients’ lives.

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Your Results

Everybody, every injury is different so there is no one-size-fits-all treatment program.

That’s why we start with listening to you, our patient. We learn about your current problem, how it is affecting your life, and what activities you may have given up or curtailed. We want to hear what you want to accomplish.

Perhaps you’ve seen other practitioners but came away feeling like they “just didn’t get it” or you weren’t heard.

You didn’t make the progress you wanted. We welcome you at Synergy so we can work together to create a better future for you.

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Words from our Patients


I loved all the therapists I worked with. Would not have had as much movement if I had not had them pushing me. So helpful! Now I can walk and ride my bike. I would always, at any time, recommend Synergy.

Neith M. –